Photography Sessions at Kimberly Crest

Kimberly Crest is the picture-perfect setting for photography that marks those special moments and milestones in your life. Acres of terraced gardens, curved stairways, koi ponds, water features, citrus groves, century-old architecture and stunning Southern California skies all contribute to making the landmark an effortlessly romantic venue for any occasion.

We encourage informal picture-taking using personal devices to share with friends and family and on social media. These are permitted throughout the gardens without reservation. Such photos may not be used for commercial purposes without prior written approval.

If you hire a professional photographer, or if the set up for your session is more formal or posed in nature, even if taken by family member, friend, or other nonprofessional, advanced reservations are required and photography fees may apply:

Photography Schedule is as follows (evening shoots end Sept.15):
Monday – 9am- 5pm, $150 an hour
Tuesday – 9am – 5pm, $150 an hour; 5pm – 7pm, $200 an hour
Wednesday – 9am – 5pm, $150 an hour; 5pm – 7pm, $200 an hour
Thursday – 9am – 12pm, $150 an hour; 5pm – 7pm, $200 an hour
Friday – 10am – 12pm, $150 an hour
Saturday – June 29, July 13, July 20, and August 3, $200 an hour
Sunday – 10am -12pm, $200 an hour

You are required to book 2 or more hours if you are a large group being photographed. 1 hour is not enough to get all of the pictures you will want.

2 hours is also recommended if photographing twins so that each client gets equal time on property.

Please note: Holiday decorations will be on the outside of the house last week of November and all throughout the month of December.

We are open to the public and value every guest’s visit. Your photography session may not disturb or limit the experience of other guests in any way. Photography is not permitted inside any of our historic buildings.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take pictures inside the house?

Do I need an appointment?

Can I bring a Horse?

Photography is allowed only in the gardens and not inside the house as it’s a museum.

Yes, for all professional or posed photography, even if a friend or family member is taking the pictures, requires an appointment.


No, horses are not allowed on property.

Can I Use a Drone?

What is your cancellation policy?

Yes, but note that the grounds are open to the public so there is a chance there will be people in your shots.

We will always reschedule your appointment no matter the reason but we do not offer refunds.

Our Preferred photographers

If you are looking for a photographer, we have curated a list of wonderful, professional photographers who follow the Kimberly Crest estate rules
and keep sessions to the allotted time booked and frequently shoot on property. 

Book your photography session now or see our calendar

We are excited to announce that ALL photography sessions can be booked online! Click on the link to the right. Find the first hour, add to your cart and follow the prompts. Then, at the bottom, it will ask if you would like to add another booking. You can book as many sessions at a time as you would like!

Please note, if the date and time you want is not listed, it is already booked or unavailable.

If you have any questions, please email us at