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As a Friend of Kimberly Crest, you are essential in preserving and sharing our 125-year-old landmark for the betterment of our community and to enrich the lives of visitors from around the world. Why is this important?

Kimberly Crest stands as an enduring reminder of our shared history, a cherished place that has witnessed generations come and go while remaining a source of inspiration for the future. It embodies one-of-a-kind elements and houses invaluable artifacts that reflect the cultural and social fabric of a bygone era.

The ravages of time and weather can take a toll on this cherished 125-year-old treasure, putting it at risk of decline if we are not vigilant. Gifts from Friends of Kimberly Crest help to restore key elements of the property and collection. From signature architectural features of the French Chateau and Carriage House to iconic elements of the Italian Gardens and groves, every aspect of Kimberly Crest requires attention and care. Gifts also allow us to implement educational programs and community outreach initiatives that foster a love for history and cultivate a sense of pride in our cultural legacy. They make Kimberly Crest accessible to all, helping to inspire a new wave of advocates for the landmark.

Join us today in this important work by becoming a Friend of Kimberly Crest.

For more information email or call 909-792-2111.

Categories of giving include:

  • Friend $50+
  • Contributing $100+
  • Supporting $250+
  • Patron $500+
  • Benefactor $1,000+
  • Kimberly Associate $5,000+
  • Kimberly-Shirk Laureate $10,000+