2016 Docents

Active Docents

Beth Allevato
Pat Amicone
Rochelle Armijo
Maggie Brummet
Pete Carey
Carlene Cutshaw
Pat Dangermond
Thelma Defoy
Cathrin DeVoe
Nancy Doss
Patricia Drake
Neva Feenstra
Patti Flores
Ruth Gardner
Marge Heibert
Karen Herbert
Jane Hicks
Cynthia Hoghuag
Nola Houle
Anne Jackson
Kate Johnson
Anne Knighten
Marjorie Lewis
Kathy Lohr
Christy Lyle
Nicki Macioge
Kim McCleod
Janet Miller
Barbara Moore
Cindy Munz
Pam Nay
Charity Neal
Francesca Nolan
Sandra O’Dell
Evelyn O’Prey
Beverly Perez
Doris Pirkle
LuAnn Pitts
Rocky Pollitz
Ann Porter
Joan Prehoda
Joan Prost
Nancy Reid
Pat Revelles
Norma Roberts
Pat Sedlacek
Laurie Shearer
Diane Spear
Carol Steinbrenner
Michelle Swank
Carol Tindel
Midge Tosten Kilgour
Laura Tremain
Susan VanVoorhis
Patricia Westerfield


Sustaining Docents

Pam Aday
Carol Baker
Carol Bishop
Tonja Blankenship
JoAnn Boone
Carol Bour
Claudia Brunick
Norma Clark
Sue Cuthbertson
Toni Curley
Bea Fitzgerald
Jan Fitzpatrick
Sharon Haynes
Nikki Helbron
Barbara Heisler
Ann Holland
Pat Kaiser
Jan Korfmacher
Janet Lee
Micki Lewis
Joan McCarthy
Veva McGinley
Robin Maupin
Sue Morse
Wynell Mullooly
Barbara O’Keefe
Marge Olson
Marcia Pifer
Karen Prevost
Marie Reynolds
Nancy Rogers
Dolores Rounds
Louise Schumann
Susan Sequeira
Diane Sidor
Nan Slinkard
Jeanne Stellar
Dona Stewart
Janise Talley
Sue Totzke
Mary Waldum
Sandy Wallace

Honorary Docents

Dorothy Arthur
Lois Barnett
Peggy Beaver
Patti Belote
Alice Daniels
Carol Fouch
Joyce Hardy
Celeste Knapp
Barry Lee
Ed Losee
Linda Messersmith
Jean Mills
Barbara Nance
Polly Scholl
Charlene Spanos
Renata Waldum
Shirley Weaver


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Kimberly Crest House & Gardens

1325 Prospect Drive Redlands, Ca 92373
Kimberly Crest is located on Prospect Dr off Highland Ave and not Fountain Ave.

Kimberly Crest House & Gardens is located approximately two miles south of downtown Redlands. The community of Redlands is between Los Angeles and Palm Springs on Interstate 10.

Traveling east on Interstate 10, take the Ford Street exit and turn right onto Ford Street. Turn right onto Redlands Blvd. and then left onto Highland Avenue. Go past the first stop sign (Cajon St.). Prospect Drive is the first driveway on the left.

Traveling west, take the Redlands Blvd./Ford St. exit. The exit ramp will turn into Redlands Blvd. Turn left onto Highland Avenue. Go past the first stop sign (Cajon St.). Prospect Drive is the first driveway on the left.

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